Tom Geier, author, Punta Gorda FLAbout the Author

Tom spent the majority of his career as a CPA and financial advisor, analyzing facts, figures, and statistics. Now retired, he’s focused on creative pursuits, writing from his home in Punta Gorda, Florida, where he lives with his wife.

The Inspiration

When my daughter was a toddler, if something thrilled and delighted her, she would dance. Watching her, my wife coined the phrase “The Nimmy Nimmy Dance”. It means to be so excited about something that you need to let it out, so you dance.

One Christmas, I wrote, and my wife and I recorded “The Nimmy Nimmy Dance” as a personal song for our grandchildren. The song is a bunch of well know proverbs linked together. The song speaks of journeys, and best friends parting and then finding each other again. “True love finds a way.”

The song became the outline for the book. It’s a feel-good love story, that hopefully grabs your attention and emotions as you follow the story of best friends, Penny and Henry.

Also, the message of hope within the book is very important to me. My faith has helped me tremendously in life, and I honestly don’t know how people manage without it. I wanted to touch on that in the characters and story itself.